"We make stuff that gets you noticed" - Mike&Dee.

Vibrant. Rebellious. Irreverent.

Sticks of Stealth

So, who are they?

Artist/Programmer Mike Martinet
“I like words”
A long, long time ago (2005), Mike began posting stream-of-consciousness cartoons that were both organic and mechanical. He called them Bots and created Botaday, the world’s first Art Humor Blog. Later, realizing that his superpower is seeing the perverse in the ordinary, he channeled it into the Daily Image. The bots then morphed into illustrated puns, corny jokes, rebuses and portmanteaus.

Fashion Designer Denise Barr
“I make this happen”
Raised in a family with women who really could make an evening gown from drapery fabric, Denise had fashion running through her veins from an early age. Despite a fulfilling career as an art director and designer, her childhood fantasies of being an alien kept calling for more. In 2009, she teamed up with Mike. Sparks flew and trouble brewed. She is directing this explosive energy into making humans wear less boring clothes.

Together, Mike and Denise put cheeky B-A-D Art onto clothing, accessories, and functional items for home, work and play.